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Updated May 10, 2016

2016 Scholastic Schedule (updated 03/07/16) This schedule is subject to change!

2015 AAU Junior Olympic Games
MAWA Blue 9-5
4th Place

Front Row (L to R): Doug Zapf, Jaret Lane, Ryan Anderson
Second Row (L to R): Ben Radner, Connor Joyce, Dustin Seffinino
Third Row (L to R): Zack Trampe, Mike Blakemore, Rodney Driscoll, Josh Stillings
Fourth Row (L to R): Dustin Stone, Evan Weneck, Adam Soldridge, Bruce Greaber
Fifth Row (L to R): A.J. Cutrufello, Gregg Harvey, Anthony Piscopo

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2015 AAU Scholastic Disney Duals National Champions
Developmental Division
MAWA Red 9-0

Front Row (L to R): Michael L. Smith, 132-Aaron Kliamovich, 126-James Hoffman(Gold, 7-0), 113-Casey Recrosio(Silver, 8-1), 106-Ryan Anderson(Gold, 9-0), 120-Jordan Gessner(Gold, 9-0), 126-R.J. Driscoll(Silver, 9-1)
Middle Row (L to R): Edward Ladamus, 160-Adam Soldridge(Gold, 8-0), 152-Brendan Marion(Bronze 7-2), 138-Dylan Henry, 145-Dylan Chatterton(Gold, 8-0 & Outstanding Wrestler), 145-Cole Karam(Gold 8-0), 160-Xavier Barber(Gold, 7-0)
Back Row (L to R): 285-Niko Camacho(Silver, 8-1), 220-Ethan Budd(Gold, 9-0), 182-Derek Spachman(Gold, 9-0), 170-Frank Guida(Silver, 7-1), 195-Xavier Ferrizzi(Gold, 9-0), Norm Palovcsik, Wade Winemiller

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Photos courtesy of Martha Conklin

2015 AAU Scholastic Disney Duals 2nd Place
District/All Star Division
MAWA Blue 9-1

Front Row (L to R): 132-Jonathan Gabriel(Copper, 5-3), 126-Luke Karam(Gold, 8-0), 126-Jake Riegel(Gold 8-0), 120-KJ Fenstermacher(Bronze, 4-2), 113-Dan Moran(Copper, 8-3), 113-Austin DeSanto(Silver, 9-1), 106-Tyson Klump(Bronze, 8-2), 106-Jaret Lane(Gold, 10-0), Michael L. Smith
Middle Row (L to R): 138-Todd Lane, 138-Kyle Shoop(Bronze, 5-2), 138-Evan Fidelibus(Silver, 6-1), 145-Kent Lane(Bronze, 7-2), 152-Michael Labriola(Silver, 8-1), 160-Cole Walter(Copper, 7-3), Paul Edwards
Back Row (L to R): Steve Harner, Jack Davis, 285-Michael Rogers(Silver, 9-1), 220-Andrew Dunn(Gold, 10-0), 195-Hunter Ritter(Silver, 9-1), 182-John Jakobsen(Silver, 8-1), Tom Weikel

Complete Results

Photos courtesy of Martha Conklin

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